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Special Award-R&R Foods - Julie Irby
Special Awards-Barney's Harvest Foods - Robert Wilhelm, Verna Wessels, Jo Sharrai
Special Awards-Mary Ann's Groceries - Joey Schneider, Amanda Wheeler, Lori McLean
Special Awards-Ball Canning Awards - Jo Sharrai, John Hood, Robert Wilhelm (2), Deanne Dawson, Julia Irby

First Place - Jeanne Hood, Jo Sharrai, Julia Irby, Robert Wilhelm (3), Mary McKinnon, Joey Schneider, Sallie Wilhelm, Amanda Wheeler, Lori McLean, Cathy Walker, Verna Wessels, Deanne Dawson (3), S. Vogel, Penny Holland; Second Place - Jeanne Hood (2), Mary Palmer, S. Vogel, Pat Bowser, Deanne Dawson, Lori McLean (2), Pat Goedde, Nancy Aldrich, Michael McGuire, Chris Jenkins, Joyce Nobles (2), J. Vogel, Kathy Walker; Third Place - Jeanne Hood (3), Bonnie Wright, Patricia Goedde, Kathy Hendrick, Randy Aldrich, Lori McLean, Robert Wilhelm, Lee Howard, Mary McKinnon (2)

Canning-Teens and Youth

Special Awards-R&R Foods - Charity Weimer, Andy Weimer
Special Award-Glenwood IGA - Andy Weimer

First Place - Andy Weimer (13), Charity Weimer (6),S. Vogel, Nathan Weimer (5); Second Place - Nathan Weimer (5), Charity Weimer (5), Ben Palmer; Third Place - Nathan Weimer

Dehydrated Foods-Adults, Teens, Youth

First Place - Julia Irby, Andy Weimer, Charity Weimer; Second Place - Julia Irby, Charity Weimer; Third Place - Malene Johnston

Wine and Beer-Adults

First Place - Mary Hull, Jeanne Hood (2); Second Place - Betty Jean Altmiller, Jeanne Hood, Dick Bovey, Nathan Weimer; Third Place - Betty Jean Altmiller, Dick Bovey

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Miscellaneous Home Products-Adults and Youth

Special Award-Glenwood IGA - Nathan Weimer

First Place - Cathy Walker (2), Andy Weimer, Charity Weimer, Marilyn Moore, Joyce Bird, Alyssa Rowan; Second Place - S. Sawyer, Allen Rowan

Small Household Accessories-Adults

Special Awards-Grace White Memorial - Barbara Cook, Theresa Elliott, Emerald Hutchins

Best of Show/Adult - Betty McKenzie, Donna Kasper; Best of Show/Senior - Larry Demitter; First Place - Joanne Deyo (5), Peggy Cooper (2), Betty Gransbury, Betty McKenzie (4), Lu Gardner (4), Lois Moore (5), Theresa Elliott (2), Susan Sawyer (2), Larry Demitter, Emerald Hutchins, Donna Kasper, Barbara Cook, Pat Goedde; Second Place - Ramona Ackaret, Betty Gransbury, Sarah Roth, Lu Gardner, Sallie Wilhelm, Lois Moore (2), Carolyn Steiner, Theresa Elliott, Barbara Cook, Dina Meisner, Geraldine Rebel; Third Place - Dina Meisner, Susan Sawyer

Small Household Accessories-Teens and Youth

Best of Show/Youth - Suzanne Rist; First Place - Suzanne Rist (2), Devonee Perrin (2), Charity Weimer (3), Andy Weimer; Second Place - Charity Weimer (2), Nathan Weimer

Large Household Accessories-Adults

Special Awards-Alpha Omicron, Pierce, Weippe - Leona Miller, Nancy Aldrich, Alice Lahaie

Best of Show/Adults - Lisa Calhoun; Best of Show/Professional - Julie Huffman; Best of Show/Senior - Henrietta Ackaret; First Place - Ruby Ost, Betty McKenzie, Nancy Aldrich, Roger Skinner, Deanne Dawson, Evelyn Cooper (2), Patricia Goedde, Geraldine Rebel, Julia Irby, Alice Lahaie, Cheryl Stenzel, Betty Gransbury, Lois Moore (2), Henrietta Ackaret (2), Anita Brumley (2), Theresa Coleman, Lisa Calhoun (3), Ellen Platt, Krista Hain, Leona Miller, Joanne Deyo, Dawn Erlewine, Calista Huntley, Julie Huffman; Second Place - Linda Soles, Gloria Danner, Lori Moore (2), Deanne Dawson, Theresa Coleman, Dina Meisner (2), Krista Hain (3), Lois Moore (2), Susan White, Pam Fisher, Annette LeBaron, Peggy Bryant, Donna Cunningham, Elata Hutchins, A. Young, Ellen Platt, Lucille Skinner, Loraine Carbury, Joanne Lee, Carolyn Lage; Third Place - Ruby Ost, Gloria Danner, Carolyn Giese, Patricia Goedde, Molly Stanley, Sally Wilhelm, Alice Reynolds, Joanne Lee (2)

Large Household Accessories-Teens and Youth

First Place - Ione Wilson, Charity Weimer; Second Place - Tallie Sutton

Needlework, Clothing-Adults

Special Awards-Kings Variety/Laura Wolverton - Sarah Roth, Evelyn Cooper, Grace Kehlet;

Best of Show - Sarah Roth; First Place - Dina Meisner, Carolyn Giese (3), Lu Gardner, Patricia Goedde (2), Sarah Roth, Diana Colgan, Grace Kehlet, Megan Johnson, Deanne Dawson, Betty Gransbury, Evelyn Cooper, Second Place - Dina Meisner (2), Patricia Goedde, Diana Colgan, Megan Johnson; Third Place - Dina Meisner (2), Anita Brumley

Needlework, Clothing-Youth

First Place - Devonee Perrin

Woven and Knit Fabrics, Clothing-Adults

Special Awards-The Wild Hare/Tina Harper - Lisa Calhoun, Penny Holland, Karen Johnson

Best of Show - Lisa Calhoun; First Place - Carolyn Lage, Jeanne Hood (2), Lisa Calhoun, Carolyn Giese, Penny Holland; Second Place - Karen Johnson (2), Pam Fisher, Betty McKenzie, Lucille Skinner (2); Third Place - Barb Houdeshell

Unusual and Novelty Horticultural Display

First Place - Jeanne Hood (2), Katherine Hendricks, Hans Sween; Second Place - Donna Heieren

Field Crops and Seeds

Best of Show - Clel Fay; First Place - Betty Jennings, Nancy Aldrich, Violet Bruce, Clel Fay, State Hospital North, Rose McArthur; Second Place - Dennis & Liz McKittrick, State Hospital North


Best of Show - Tod Sween; First Place - Sue Duff (3), A. Altmiller, Violet Bruce, Megan Johnson, Tod Sween, Cathy Walker, Berniece Kom, Katherine Hedrick, Barb Altmiller (3), Lydia Dennis, Jeanne Hood, Nancy Aldrich, Dave Schochler, Hae Suk Bruce (2), Chris Kuykendall, Amanda Wheeler, Dennis Fuller, Lori McLean, Chris Korbel, Lynn Strawn (2), Jo Sharrai, Karleen Leaton (2), Sharon Shropshire (2), Orville McArthur; Second Place - Barb Altmiller (6), Sallie A. Wilhelm, Hae Suk Bruce, Tod Sween, Katherine Hedrick, Hank Jenks, Betty Halsey, T.J. Bruce, Violet Bruce (2), Orville McArthur, Carlene McKay Richey, Cathy Walker, Rose McArthur, Jo Sharrai, Tammi Bird, Penny Holland, Sharon Shropshire, Jeanne Hood; Third Place - Gerri Lemmon, Arie Sween, T.J. Bruce, Barb Altmiller, Sue Duff, Joey Schneider, State Hospital North, Aubrey Strawn, Jeanne Hood, Nancy Aldrich, Jo Sharrai (2)

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Best of Show - Katherine Hendrick; First Place - Rose McArthur (6), Jeanne Hood (15), Jo Sharrai (2), Bonnie Wright (4), Kathy Hendricks, State Hospital North (2), Karleen Leaton, Sween, Violet Bruce (2), John Hood (3), Nancy Aldrich (3), Doris Pettichord, Deb Soper (7), Trevor Howard, Fran Ciarlo, Chris Kuykendall (2), Joyce Bird, Penny Holland, Mary McKinnon, Linden Beagle, Cathy Walker (2), Lynn Strawn, T.J. Bruce (2), Norma Brand, Albert Huntley, Dan Wayt, Joey Schneider, Dennis & Liz McKittrick (2), Berniece Kom, Dorothy Luffman, Randy Aldrich, Sharon Shropshire, Hae Suk Bruce (2); Second Place - Rose McArthur (2), John Hood (6), Julie Howard, Jeanne Hood (6), Penny Holland, Mary McKinnon, Bonnie Wright, State Hospital North (2), Violet Bruce, T.J. Bruce, Deb Soper (2), Del Walker, Sue Duff (4), Chris Kuykendall, Berniece Kom, Lee Howard (2), Michael McGuire, Ian Barrett, Sween, Violet Bruce, Becky Chase, Jonathan Walker, Rileigh Crawford, Marie Armitage (2), Marilyn Walker, Clel Fay, Tami Wayt, Cathy Walker, Robert Wilhelm, Nancy Aldrich, Jo Sharrai; Third Place - Mary Hull (3), Bonnie Wright (2), Nancy Aldrich, Jeanne Hood (3), Rose McArthur (4), Robert Wilhelm (3), John Hood (2), Joyce Nobles/Melissa Dafoe, T.J. Bruce, Sue Duff, Deb Soper (2), Lori McLean, Randy McKinnon, Chris Kuykendall, State Hospital North (2), Brandon Bishop, Lowell Davis, Dorothy Luffman, Violet Bruce


Special Awards-Orofino Flower Shop - Doris Pettichord, Deanna Walker, Nancy Aldrich;

Best of Show - M. Barrett; First Place - Donna Heieren (5), Michael Brown, Doris Pettichord (4), April Allen (2), Tammi Bird (6), Berniece Kom, Nancy Aldrich (4), Randy Aldrich (4), Cheryl Maas, Cheryl Stenzel, Coral Bruce (3), Rose McArthur (3), D. Johnston, August Bush, Barbara Brown, Dick Johnston, Marlene Johnston (4), M. Barrett (3), State Hospital North, Gerri Lemmon, Faye Teed (2), Carlene McKay-Richey, Sharon Shropshire, Robert Wilhelm (2), Loraine Carbury, Sallie Wilhelm; Second Place - Coral Bruce (3), Barbara Brown, Sue Duff, Tammi Bird (6), Fred Allen, Kenishe Aldrich, Nancy Aldrich (3), Randy Aldrich, Robert Wilhelm (2), Gerri Lemmon (5), Bonnie Wright, Doris Pettichord (2), Marlene Johnston (2), Joyce Bird, Donna Heieren, Sallie Wilhelm, Rose McArthur (2), Amanda Wheeler, Marilyn Walker, Amanda Wilhelm, Loraine Carbury; Third Place - Sue Duff, Coral Bruce (3), Nancy Aldrich, Donna Heieren, M. Barrett, Tammi Bird (3), Marlene Johnston (2), Karen Sween, Joyce Bird, Rose McArthur (3), Barbara Brown, Sharon Shropshire, Marilyn Walker, Berniece Kom, Robert Wilhelm


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