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Exhibit awards...

Potted Plants-Adults

Best of Show - Lydia Dennis; First Place - Paula Godwin, Kris Poe, Sandra Goffinet, Rose McArthur, Susan McGuire, Lydia Dennis, Karleen Leaton, Cheryl Maas, Loa Turcott, Cheryl Stenzel, Deanna Walker, Art Altmiller (2), Nancy Aldrich, Lori McLean; Second Place - Nancy Aldrich, Megan Johnson, Kris Poe, Donna Heieren, Tom Turcott, Harry Stenzel, Cheryl Stenzel, Karleen Leaton, Marlene Johnston, Susan McGuire, Lola Turcott, Art Altmiller; Third Place - Kris Poe, Patricia Goedde (2), Lorraine Elam, Rose McArthur, Dolly Turdell, Art Altmiller, Sandra Goffinet, Gloria Cleto

fairflowers9-23-06.JPG - 20188 Bytes

Flower Arranging/Floral Designs

Best of Show - Coral Bruce; First Place - Sandra Goffinet, Coral Bruce (5), Doris Pettichord, Cheryl Maas, Cindy Downing, Robert Wilhelm; Second Place - Sandra Goffinet, Doris Pettichord (2), Shirley Johnson, Joyce Bird, Coral Bruce, Robert Wilhelm (2)

Flowers and Houseplants-Juniors, Youth and Teens

Best of Show - Ciara Hulett; First Place - Ciara Hulett (2), Charity Weimer (3), Hailey Hulett, Andy Weimer (5), Gareth Shropshire, Hans Sween, Arie Sween, Nathan Weimer (2), Mary Altmiller, Rileigh Crawford (2), Natalie Bonner, Rachel Bonner; Second Place - Emilee Wheeler, Charity Weimer (3), Nathan Weimer, Kerry Shropshire, Crystal Lundgren, Arie Sween, Mariah Wheeler, Andy Weimer; Third Place - Nathan Weimer (2), Kerry Shropshire, Celine Kunkel, Conner Shropshire, Ian Barrett


fairrose9-23-06.JPG - 5354 Bytes

First Place - Deri & Jerry Bordoni, Grant Routh; Second Place - Stella Routh


First Place - Jason Thompson; Second Place - Jarryt Stalnaker; Third Place - Joe Stanley


First Place - Ginger Jones, Alyssa Rowan, Allen Rowan; Second Place - Ginger Jones; Third Place - Mathew Han

Poultry and Game Birds

First Place - Allen Rowen (2), Ned Lougee (5), Sara Ove-Zipse, Jade Jasper, Nathan Bonner, Alice Hardy, Jasmen O'Hara, Rileigh Crawford, Marie Armitage, Alyssa Rowen, Sicily Erb, Sawyer Burch, Dakota Brooks; Second Place - Claudia Lougee, Sicily Erb, Randy Brooks; Third Place - Carson Lougee


First Place - Kerry Shropshire, Maya O'Hara, Jacglen Brown; Third Place - Jasmine O'Hara

The Clearwater County Fair Board expressed appreciation to everyone who entered exhibits in this year's Clearwater County Fair.

"We hope you enjoyed entering your treasured exhibits as much as everyone enjoyed looking at them. The Fair Board also thanks the Clearwater County businesses and individuals who provided the special awards which were won by exhibitors," the board said.

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