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Contestants show their logging skills

Crowds watched as contestants showed their logging skills in chopping, axe throwing, sawing and climbing Sunday during the Orofino Lumberjack Day log show sponsored by Orofino Celebrations, Inc. (OCI).

Below are the results of the show:

Obstacle Pole Sawing

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Ed "Mooch" Smith saws the end off the obstacle pole during competition. He won fourth place.

1st Rob Waibel-West Linn, OR 12.09
2nd Mike Forrester-Idleyld Park, OR 12.58
3rd Ryan Hatfield - Missoula, MT 14.07
4th Ed "Mooch" Smith - Eatonville, WA 15.00
5th Xander Waibel - West Linn, OR 15.25

Two Jack Sawing

1st Mike Forrester -Idleyld Park, OR & Ryan Hatfield -Missoula, MT 7.26
2nd Derek Pouchnik -Viola & Larry Heustis- Princeton 8.51
3rd Mel Lentz -Diana, WV & David Moses, Jr.- Snoqualmie, WA 8.71
4th Alvie Marcellus -Spokane, WA & Carl Ramsey- Naches, WA 10:36
5th Kevin Hull -Pullman, WA & Robert Groce -Elk, WA 11.66

Spring Board Chop

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David Moses, Jr. took fourth in the Spring Board Chop. Notice the beautiful blue sky in the background.

1st Mel Lentz - Diana, WV 1:23.51
2nd Rob Waibel - West Linn, OR 1:25.80
3rd T. J. Bexten - Hoquiam, WA 1:30.53
4th Mike Forrester - Idleyld Park, OR 1:35.01
5th David Moses, Jr. - Snoqualmie, WA 2:55.95

Women's Single Buck

1st Nancy Zalewski - Plymouth, WI 15.91
2nd Erin, LaVoie - Spokane, WA 18.89
3rd Brenda Boyko Pouchnik - Viola 24.51
4th Kylee Seitz - Missoula, MT 26.79
5th Andrea Furber - Santa Rosa, CA 26.98

Choker Setting

1st Rob Waibel - West Linn, OR 8.98
2nd Mike Forrester - Idleyld Park, OR 9.16
3rd Adam Dempsey - Snohomish, WA 10.22
4th Jeremy Chalk - St. Helen's, OR 10.84
5th Ed Braun, Jr. - Campbell River, B.C. 11.03

Two Pole Speed Climbing

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Rob Waibel (left) and Ed "Mooch" Smith on the right compete in the Two Pole Speed Climbing. The top of the poles is 60 feet in the air.

1st Ed "Mooch" Smith - Eatonville, WA 13.64
2nd Rob Waibel - West Linn, OR 14.00
3rd Wade Hendricks - St. Maries 15.60
4th Erin Lavoie - Spokane, WA 25.35
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Erin LaVoie was the only woman to compete in Speed Climbing Sunday. She ranked fourth in the overall standings with the men.

Jill Axe Throwing

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Brenda Boyko-Pouchnik axe flies to the target in the Jill Axe Throwing competition. She took first place.

1st Brenda Boyko Pouchnik - Viola
2nd Andrea Furber - Santa Rosa, CA
3rd Chrissy Ramsey - Naches, CA
4th Nancy Zalewski - Plymouth, WI
5th Jean Boyko-British Columbia, Canada

Power Sawing

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Mike Forrester finishes his cut. He took fourth in Power Sawing with a time of 11.81.

1st Hollis Baughman - Yakima, WA 10.41
2nd Steve Johnson - Yakima, WA 10.56
3rd Claude Fields - Cascade 11.04
4th Mike Forrester - Idleyld Park, OR 11.81
5th Brian Sheridan - Priest River 11.86

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