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Horse Pull draws spectators

Spectators gathered at the Orofino City Park arena to watch the annual Orofino Lumberjack Days Horse Pull Saturday evening.

Lightweight winners were:

horsepull59-21-06.JPG - 23338 Bytes

  1. Randy Dodge, Albany, OR with his team, Rex and Jack, weighing 3,300 pounds. The team won first at the Calgary Stampede.
  2. Bob McGowan, Lebanon, OR with his team, Bert and Rowdy, weighing 3,150 pounds.
  3. Dawn Forman, Boring, OR with her team, Rock and Chubb, weighing 3,475 pounds. This team has only been working together since October 2005.
  4. Lori Lee, Estacado, OR, with her team, Pete and Babe, weighing 3,190 pounds

Heavyweight winners were:

  • Bob McGowan, Lebanon, OR with his team, Ace and Nate, weighing 4,230 pounds
  • Randy Dodge, Albany, OR with his team, Bugs and Ray, weighing 4,250 pounds
  • Bill Martson, Pullman, WA with his team, Queen and King, weighing 4,240. This team is five and six years old and have been pulling together for two years.
  • Gerald Lee, Boring, OR with his team, Pat and Rusty, weighing 3,840 pounds. Lee has been to horse pull events since 1969. He travels to Oregon, Washington, Idaho and into Canada to compete.

horsepull49-21-06.JPG - 28943 Bytes
Photo: Top--Steve Francher with his team of Lightweights. Second--Don Lee tries competing with a new team.
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