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Horse Pull winners announced

Winners of the Saturday evening Horse Pull were Bob McGowan with Ace and Kenny in the heavy weights and Randy Dodge with Rex and Jack in the light weights.

Heavy weight results are as follows:

  • First-Bob McGowan's team, Ace and Kenny, pulled 7,000 pounds the full 15 feet
  • Second-Gerald Lee's team, Pat and Rusty, pulled 7,000 pounds for 79 inches
  • Third-Randy Dodge/Caleb McGowan's team, Mickey and Rowdy, pulled 7,000 pounds 18 inches
  • Fourth-Bill Martson's team, Queen and King, pull 6,000 pounds the full 15 feet.

Light weight results are as follows:

  • First-Randy Dodge's team, Rex and Jack, pulled 6,000 pounds the full 15 feet
  • Second-Bob McGowan's team, Bennie and Milton, pulled 6,000 pound 51 inches
  • Third-Lori Lee's team, Baba and Chub, pulled 4,000 pound 41 inches. Baba is 21 years old and it was the horse's last pull.
  • Fourth-Dawn Forman's team, Bessie and Bell, pulled 4,000 pounds 35 1/2 inches.

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