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Orofino High School Class of 1955 celebrates their 50th

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by Nancy C. Butler

Orofino High School Class of 1955 is holding their 50th class reunion this weekend in conjunction with Orofino Lumberjack Days and the Clearwater County Fair.

I dropped in for a few minutes Friday evening at the invitation of one of the class members. A number of the class members read Window on the Clearwater from a variety of places around the country and drop us email messages. I was curious to meet them in person, but I have another special connection since I was born the year they graduated.

I asked, as reporters are prone to do, how many people were in their graduating class and the number was not something that jumped as quickly to mind as their friends faces and stories about the "good old days", so we went to an authoritative source and counted the pictures and names in their annual. The count was 60 people. Twenty-eight of those class members are in the picture above and I don't know all their names, but I did learn that they are welcoming folks who have come home to remember, catch up on friends and build relationships. I hope they have a great weekend.

To all the other folks in Orofino for class reunions: I hope you had a great time too. I caught photos of most of you in the parade this morning and we will see how they turn out next week.

Photo: Orofino High School Class of 1955 gather for a photo at their 50th Reunion Friday night. Show from left are: On floor-- Harry Walrath (Fairbanks, AK), Monte Geidl (Reno, NV), Row 1 Donna Miller Swatman (Dubois, WY), Patsy Wright Leonard, Barbara Bening Rinard (both Orofino), Shirley Mullikin Purcell (Clarkston, WA), Mary Lou Williams Galloway (Orofno), Sue Hutchinson Blenden (Lewiston), Sylvia Stoddard Broussard (Wichita Falls, TX), Nancy Korvola Stillings (Boise), Bill Ankney (Wenatchee, WA), Rob Baird (Corona, CA). Row 2: Bud Schwartzkopf (Lewiston), Larry Leonard, Cleve Hunter (both Orofino), Lawrence Schilling (Lewiston), John Werner (Scarsdale, NY), Robert Donohue (Orofino), Robert Riek (Peck), Don Bloom (Kirkland, WA), Tom Dickson (Rathdrum), Dale George (Elk City), Bill Schubach (Lewiston), Dick Jabbora (Bellingham, WA), Fred Kelley (Buckley, WA), Tim Barnett (Orofino), and Homer Marvin (Lewiston).

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