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Bill Crutcher retires after 40 years as OCI auctioneer

Bill Crutcher has retired after 40 years as the auctioneer for Orofino Celebrations, Inc. during the annual Orofino Lumberjack Days festivities. He received special recognition from the group during the auction Saturday, Sept. 17.

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Bill Crutcher and his crew get thing ready for the annual Orofino Celebrations, Inc. Auction.

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Susan Spencer (right), OCI Auction chairman, presents a special remembrance to Bill Crutcher.

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Bill Crutcher recognized Earl Pickett as one of those who has helped him with the auction over the years.

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Bill Crutcher invited Jim Finke down to be with him briefly and recognized the support of the Finke family over the years. Crutcher said he the first item he sold in his first auction 40 years ago was a dozen roses to Carl Finke.

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