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Hello to all that live in Orofino and beyond. Join us, Mike and Nancy Butler, in a venture to publish an all online news source for Clearwater Country and beyond.

In February 2005, we launched Window on the Clearwater as a daily (except Sunday) online source of news about Orofino and Clearwater Country and the issues that impact the people here. Prior to that Nancy had been asked off and on when she was coming back to the news circle. They shared their belief that much of the news in the area was not being reported. At the time, we thanked them for their confidence and went our own way.

Then the opportunity and or/door opened for us to be able to do so. So here we are. With today's technology, we felt the best way to serve our local and distant readers is to use the Internet.

"Window on the Clearwater" is published on a daily basis except for Sunday and holidays. That means more timely news coverage. Ours is a morning edition that will be uploaded about noon each day with news of the previous day and late breaking features. We started out with a free publication. However, beginning in November 2006, there is a minimal cost of $3 a month, $18 for six months and $30 a year for subscriptions. There will be some special features with free access such as Breaking News, Trivia, Wednesday's Child, Health Talk, Classified Ads and Directory Ads.

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The publication includes articles about law enforcement and the courts, city council, chamber, school board, local issues, economic development, churches, club/organization happenings, history, sports, obituaries, weather, and letters to the editor, among other stories. Advertising has taken on a whole new look and scope with the options of animation, full color and linking from your ad directly to your web site.

Nancy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication/English with a Journalism emphasis from Boise State University. She has worked in various phases of news gathering, writing and production for over 35 years. She is also experienced in photography, graphic design and ad production. Nancy has also been doing web design for a variety of clients for 15 years including production of an online version of a weekly newspaper.

Mike has 10 years experience in retail management, including a working knowledge of daily bookkeeping. He also has 14 years experience working with multiple tasks in an office setting. Over his career he has developed essential people and business skills necessary for managing the business part of this endeavor.

We hope that you enjoy our product and plan to be a partner in this community for many years to come.

Window on the Clearwater
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