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4-H members participate in Clearwater County Fair

4-H participants are a big part of the Clearwater County Fair activities and it was no exception this year, they raised animals, made clothing, kept records, built rockets and shared what they had learned with judges.

Below are some of those who earned special recognition for their participation in 4-H programs:

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Christina Miles was name the 4-H Revue winner for the this outfit with a purple pullover and black pants.

Audra Henderson won the Showmanship award with her steer. It is a 20-month old Charolais cross. 4Hsteer9-19-05.JPG - 19030 Bytes
4Hdog9-19-05.JPG - 14558 Bytes Chelsea Barger won the Showmanship award with her dog, Lucky. The Golden Retriever is four years old.

Rudi Knapik won Showmanship award with her rabbit, Elemay. The California Rabbit is four months old.

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4Hgoat9-19-05.JPG - 19951 Bytes Amy Houdeshell won the Showmanship award with her goat, Brown Feather. The pack goat is a German Edelzieges that is 3 1/2 years old.

4-H is often a family program as it is for Andy and Amy Houdeshell. This is Andy Houdeshell's Suffolk lamb, Judy. It was named Market Lamb.

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4Hhorse9-19-05.JPG - 18566 Bytes Sara Corder won the Showmanship award with her horse, Meosha. The Pinto horse is six years old.

Jasmine Key won Showmanship award with her lamb, Jamal. The six month old lamb is a Suffix breed.

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4Hrooster9-19-05.JPG - 19187 Bytes Emily Aultz won Showmanship award with her rooster, Chicken George. He is a mixed bantam that is three years old.

Alisha McIntosh won the Showmanship award with her swine, JD. The pig is a Hamp/ York/ Spot cross that is seven months old.

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