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Hey there it's me,
Who you may ask Why it's you,
it's you from many years ago,
Remember me,
From the year you put grain out for the reindeer,
The year you tried to see Santa,
When mamma got mad because you couldn't just couldn't sleep.
Now here you are sitting in the armchair,
Just watching the snow,
Waiting for Christmas,
With the kid's eyes all aglow,
All cozy with blankets and hot cocoa,
Watching a classic Christmas movie.
It's Christmas eve now,
And everyone is here,
Your grandchildren are waiting to hear sleigh bells,
And wake up to the Christmas tree,
All lit up and beautiful,
And presents galore.
Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night.
by Virginia Cafferty

Orofino Junior/Senior High School

Merry Christmas

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