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Yellow means caution...Red means STOP!!

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School starts in Joint School District #171 Tuesday, Sept. 2, and motorists need to use extra caution around school bus stops, intersections and school zones, especially in the morning just before school begins and in the afternoon when students are getting out of classes.

Motorist need to be vigilant around school buses as they travel, load and unload. Just as the headline reads: Yellow Means Caution...Red Means Stop!

Here are some safety rules to help make the trip from home to school and back again a safe one for students and motorists:


  • Need to be cautious of flashing yellow lights and always stop when red stop lights and the stop arm are extended on a bus.
  • Need to remember that buses stop frequently to pick up or drop off children and at railroad crossings. Be prepared to stop safely behind them.
  • Need to watch for students getting on and off buses, walking, crossing intersections or riding skateboards or bicycles. They may not pay as much attention to you as is needed for safety.
  • Slow down around school zones, especially during the hours students are arriving at school or leaving in the afternoons.

Students who ride buses:

  • Need to arrive on time or a little early at their bus stops.
  • Wait in a safe place out of traffic, not in ditches or on snow banks
  • Board buses single file and in an orderly fashion.
  • Obey the rules outlined by the district and bus driver for safety
  • Find a seat quickly without causing a disturbance to other riders or the driver
  • Never do things that would distract the driver while the bus is in motion
  • Follow safety rules for crossing roadways after exiting the bus

Students who walk or ride bicycles:

  • Need to be aware of traffic safety measures for their mode of transportation
  • Need to be aware of other traffic around them and adjust for safety
  • Cross safely at intersections after carefully looking for traffic
  • Stay on the appropriate side of the roadway for their mode of travel


  • Be courteous of others and careful of others

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