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Chinook harvest upstream of the Orofino Bridge to South Fork Clearwater closing

LEWISTON--At the end of fishing hours on Thursday, June 12, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game will implement a closure to the harvest of adult Chinook Salmon (24 inches or greater) on the Clearwater River from the Orofino Bridge upstream to the South Fork Clearwater River.

This closure is being implemented because the harvest quota for adult Chinook salmon has been met in this section of river. Harvest quotas for adult Chinook salmon in different reaches within the Clearwater River drainage were developed using input from the public to help insure all communities in the watershed have opportunities to harvest salmon.

Starting on Friday, June 13, only the harvest of adipose clipped Jacks (salmon less than 24 inches) with a daily limit of four will be allowed downstream of the South Fork Clearwater River.

Chinook salmon rules in river reaches upstream of the South Fork Clearwater River and within the South Fork Clearwater River will remain unchanged until further notice.

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