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Controlled burn catches on nearby shed

Flames from a controlled burn rekindled Tuesday afternoon and caught on a shed at 2545 Michigan Ave. causing some damage to the structure.

According to Orofino Fire Chief Mike Lee workers were tearing down an old apartment next to the home and started a small burn pile Monday. The winds brought it back to life and OFD was called to suppress the flames. There was minor damage to the shed and no injuries.

This is the third controlled burn that has gotten out of its bounds in the last two weeks. Lee is asking people who burn to use caution.

The old apartment to the right of the photo is being torn down. Workers built a small fire Monday to burn parts of the materials. It reignited Tuesday afternoon with the wind and Orofino fire fighters were called to extinguish it.

Fire fighters spray water on materials that were rekindled by winds Tuesday. There was some damage to the shed nearby, but the flames were extinguished before it could spread to the nearby home and trees.

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