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Dworshak flows to decrease Friday, Sunday nights

AHSAHKA, Idaho - Discharge flows from Dworshak Dam into the North Fork of Clearwater River will be decreased late Friday night and again on Sunday morning to begin refilling Dworshak Reservoir, announced U.S. Army Corps of Engineers water-management officials Friday afternoon.

Flows will decrease Friday night at midnight from approximately 10,700 cfs (cubic feet per second) to about 5,000 cfs. At midnight on Saturday, flows will be further reduced from 5,000 cfs. to about 2,400 cfs.

The Corps has been releasing water from Dworshak Reservoir for flood risk reduction purposes during spring runoff. The Corps adjusts space for flood risk reduction operations as the reservoir refills to augment fish recovery operations in the lower Columbia-Snake rivers system later in the season.

Corps officials advise boaters, anglers and other people in or near the reservoir or Clearwater River to be alert to changes in water elevation and volume of flow, especially this time of year.

Current water-management conditions can be viewed online at www.nwd-wc.usace.army.mil/nww/rreports.htm -- click on "Hourly" and look in the "Total" column under the "Outflow" heading on the reservoir report. Reservoir elevation is found in the "Forebay" column under the "El at Powerhouse" heading.

During fiscal year 2012, 1.98 billion kW hours of electrical power were produced by Dworshak Dam's three generating units. Since Dworshak Dam became operational in June 1972, it has prevented about $2.8 million in potential local flood damages.

For more information, call the Public Affairs Office at 509-527-7020 during regular business hours.

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