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Air Quality Advisories, Burn Bans extended

Due to wildfire smoke in the area, both the Nez Perce Tribe Air Quality Program and Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) have continued their Air Quality Advisories and Burn Bans through Friday morning including areas on and off the reservation in Clearwater County and surrounding areas.

Air quality will be re-evaluated Friday morning.

Nez Perce Tribe

Wildfire smoke may move in and out of the area during the day and overnight. Some areas on the reservation may be more impacted than others, so please take appropriate precautions.

Air quality is in the 'Good' category for most parts of the Reservation, with the exception of the Kooskia/Kamiah area which is in the 'Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups' category. See the health information below.

No EPA/NPT burn permits will be approved. This action does not apply to camping and recreational fires or fires set for cultural or traditional purposes.

Those with question may contact the Nez Perce Tribe ERWW Air Quality Program at 208-843-9381 or 1-800-720-4089 or email airquality@nezperce.org.


DEQ extended an Air Quality Advisory and Burn Ban at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 11, for the following areas (off the Nez Perce Reservation): Clearwater, Latah, Nez Perce, Idaho and Lewis, counties. Smoke from regional wildfire activity is contributing to elevated air quality concentrations.

Air quality is currently in the Moderate category and is forecasted to remain in the Moderate to Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups category depending on fire activity. Thunderstorms with high winds and lightening are forecasted for Thursday which could result in blowing dust and additional fires.

When air quality is moderate, air quality is acceptable; however, people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution may experience health impacts and should consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion.

All outdoor open burning is prohibited by DEQ Rules for the Control of Air Pollution in Idaho.

Additional information for health recommendations, air quality, and wildfire can be found on the Idaho Smoke Information Blog at http://idsmoke.blogspot.com/. Please see the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare links under the Smoke and Health tab on the blog for additional health recommendations for sensitive groups, communities, schools and daycare facilities.

For more information on the AQI, read EPA's AQI brochure at: http://www.epa.gov/airnow/aqi_brochure_02_14.pdf.

Smoke impacts and complaints can be reported to the Smoke Information Hotline at (800)-345-1007. Air Quality Advisory information can also be found by calling (855) 401-4636 or the DEQ Lewiston Regional Office at (877) 541-3304 or (208) 799-4370 for additional questions or concerns.

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