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No one seriously injured in US 12 crash at 139th St.

No one was seriously injured in a collision on U.S. Highway 12 at the corner with 139th St. near Deanos Friday afternoon that damaged two pickups and two trailers.

These pickups, each pulling a trailer show the results of being involved in a collision on U.S. Highway 13 at the intersection with 139th St. Friday afternoon. The pickup on the right is pulling the travel trailer that is on its side near the middle of the photo. The utility trailer is attached to the pickup at the center of the photo. The travel trailer was so newly purchased that it had not yet been licensed. The accident also took out the 139th St. sign.

Clearwater County Sheriff's Cpl. Jerame Lee takes measurements at the accident scene. The Orofino Fire truck is on scene incase of fire or other hazards with gas and propane that was on the vehicles. The propane tanks were quickly stabilized. The puddle to the right is antifreeze that dripped out of the pickup to the left and ran down to the gutter.

Watch for the info about who was involved and the cause of the collision when it is available from CCSO.

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