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Dear Santa,

Does Mrs. Claus make you cookies all the time? I mean like every day? You know what I want for Christmas? A little stuffed hamster wit big eyes.

Your friend,
Katie Barron 3rd Grade Cavendish

P.S. Say "hi" to Mrs. Claus from Katie! Happy Christmas!

Dear Santa,

How are you? Does Mrs. Claus make you cookies every day? Do you have kids? Is it cold up there? It was 18 F this morning! What I want for Christmas is...Furby Boom, a Stretch and Cuddle With Me Monkey, Pom Poms--real cheerleading pom poms, a hoola hoop, silly string, balloons, streamers, stuffed animals, and a giant stuffed animal.

Your friend,
Mackenzie Miller 3rd Grade Cavendish

Dear Santa,

How are you? For Christmas I would like a puppy stuffed animal, a toy mermaid Lala Loopsey, and a make-up kit.

Your friend, Grace Elliott 3rd Grade Cavendish

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