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Dear Santa,

I want a Buzz Light Year. I know you will bring me one on Christmas. Then you know you will bring me a Buzz Light Year. I really want one and I will go to the North Pole. Is it snowing there? I made snow angels three months ago. You are the North Pole until Christmas Eve.

Sicily Coburn
Cavendish Kindergarten

Dear Santa Claus,

I want a rubber dinosaur from King's. Also a stuffed giraffe and a turtle with big eyes. Thank you. I also want a unicorn.

Your friend,
Annelise Elliott
Cavendish Kindergarten

Dear Santa Claus,

I would really like a whole package of horses for Christmas. I would also like a lot of Legos please. Why do you have reindeer? Why do you have Elves? Why do you have a bunch of toys for kids? Thank you Santa Claus. I love you.

Lily Feldmann
Cavendish Kindergarten

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