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Snow falls on the ground like ash from a volcano.
It comes fluttering down so soft, so fragile.
It almost looks like a winter wonderland.
It is very white, very majestic.
Outside is almost completely covered by pure white.
It is very deep, very significant
It is a beautiful sight to see.
It is beautiful, simply beautiful.

by Annika Amick
Orofino Junior/Senior High School 2013

My Fondest Christmas Memory

Throughout my life, there have been many Christmases. Some good, some bad, and some just in between. To be honest I don't remember most of they very well. However, there is one that I can clearly recall and fondly look back on.

When I was six years old, we moved from the Philippines to Orofino. We arrived in December, right before Christmas. It took a while to get used to our new home, but things eventually got better. The way we celebrated the holiday season didn't really change a lot. Back at the Philippines, we already hung up decorations, lights, and sung carols. The only new thing, was the snow.

My sister and I were watching a Mickey Mouse holiday cartoon one afternoon, when it started snowing outside. Immediately, we were fascinated with the flakes gently falling fromt the sky and blanketing everything in white. Although we'd heard about it from our relatives, this was the first time we'd actually seen it for ourselves. We got off the couch and rushed to our mom. "Mom! Mom! Can we go outside and play for a little bit?" we asked excitedly. She agreed and we hurried to put on our jackets, scarves and anything else that would keep us warm.

Anna Grimaldo
Orofino High School

(reprinted from 2011)

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From Mike & Nancy come wishes for a Merry Christmas & Joyous New Year

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