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My Winter’s Love

Watching out my window
I see the glisten white snow fall
Outside seems so chilly
Snug and warm,by the heater
While I drink my hot cocoa
And that is when I know, my winter’s love

by Princess Shriver
Orofino Junior/Senior High School

My Christmas Memory

My favorite Christmas memory is when my brother and I got two labs puppies Duke and Duchess. Dutch was the runt of the litter and Duke was the second biggest puppy in the litter. My dog is Duke and is the loyalest dog ever he will follow me anywhere I go. He misses me when I go to school and he loves to chase me around the living room. My second favorite Christmas memory is when we got a dog named Spot. Spot is a pointer, he is five years old now and he is my dad’s dog. He is also very loyal and is a lovebug.

by George Bolling

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Merry Christmas

Noelle, Casey, Terri, Diana, Kathy, Eva

From the Staff
at US Bank

333 Michigan Ave.
Orofino, ID 83544

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