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Merry Christmas!!

Here is a letter I wrote to Santa when I was a kid. My brother Jimmy found it and had it framed. I bring it out and display it every Christmas. It is such a wonderful tie to my life, family and all the Christmas memories. I read it alot. Today I decided to scan it and share it.

I was known as Buddy in my childhood. I am guessing I was around 7 or 8 in 1959 when this was written.

Dear Santa

Please leave me a model plane or a car maybe if you can a Robot Commando.
Leave a nice thing for Jimmy. I really believe in you so good luck on all your travels.
Here are some cookies for you and carrots for your reindeers.

P.S. fill the stockings good

It has folds like a letter and on the back side says:

"Here is a letter for you"

I am sure left with the plate of cookies and carrots on Christmas eve, which were mostly gone on Christmas morning.


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