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My favorite Christmas memory is making Christmas cookies and getting a bunch of presents for my family. My other favorite Christmas memory is watching my family open their presents I got them.

Cassidy H.
Orofino Elementary School K-Kids

My favorite Christmas memory is when I was the first one to wake up and wake up everybody else.

OES K-Kids

My favorite Christmas memory is when my whole family is at Mom's house and I am at my Dad's on Christmas Eve. I open all my presents on Christmas Eve at my Dad's house and at the night of Christmas Eve I go to my Mom's. The best is that I get my alone time first, then I go to Mom's house with all my family. But this year I have a Step-mom and four siblings and I live with my Dad because it is pretty much opposite. I also get my own room, although I keep it super clean.

OES K-Kids

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
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