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Small Christmas

by Haley Whitaker

Small feet pattered down the stairs letting a small echo sound throughout the tiny house. A little boy only 8 had just woken up to a beautiful white Christmas, snow was drifting down from the sky and the fireplace cracked alive with a small comforting warmth. It’s Christmas morning, a time for family and joy and togetherness. The little boy reached the last step to see his beautiful Christmas tree standing tall and proud with presents underneath and he saw his mom and his dad sitting in knitted blankets with smiles for him. He burst with happiness and hugged his parents. The young boy’s parents smiles soon faltered “I know it’s not much…-” the parents began to say as he pulled out a single box from under the Christmas tree.

The little boy opened the box and finished for them “But it’s all I wanted.” The little boy had received but one present, a small toy with little gadgets and buttons. He hugged his parents once more and planted a kiss upon their cheeks “I love you mom and dad, merry Christmas.” The little boy and his family bundled together in blankets and watched the holiday specials wanting nothing more than to be together with love and joy.

~The End~

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